The Delta Teacher Efficacy Campaign (DTEC) is offering an online CEU course for teachers, counselors, administrators and other key stakeholders interested in enhancing their effectiveness in understanding and academically supporting underserved and underprepared students.

Shari Curtis

The four-week, Teacher Efficacy Academy (TEA) “Education: It’s a Heart Matter” E-Course presented under the auspices of the twenty-two week DTEC Teacher Efficacy Academy will focus on the training prong originally included in DTEC’s three-prong approach. The companion prongs include conducting advocacy sessions for communities and publishing scholarly research on teacher efficacy and student achievement.  In combination, DTEC works to support teachers who motivate all of their students to achieve academic success regardless of life circumstances.

DTEC Teacher Efficacy Academy “Education: It’s a Heart Matter” E-Course participants will learn how to:

Educators registering for the “Education: It’s a Heart Matter” E-Course will receive a certificate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for one (1) CEU for renewals and re-certifications upon successful completion of the 4-week program. In addition, participants will receive a DTEC Change Agent Certificate. 

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DTEC Is Leading Educational Change – One Teacher at a Time!

                                            TEA Facilitators

Dr. Kelly Bullock Daugherty

Joanne Ceaser

Dr. Char-Shenda D. Covington

Kantrell Gibson

Dr. Linda Guillory

Levatta Levels

Chelonnda Seroyer
Niceta Thomas
Dr. Kandis Wyatt