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Educators Unite Day Tee-Shirts

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 is “Educators Unite Day” all over the country. It is a time for every community to celebrate teachers as change agents along with parents and other education supporters who motivate students to learn and achieve. Order your tee shirt before Monday, April 27.

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Show Your Colors on May 6th!  Be a Change Agent for Education!!

Order Your “Educators Unite Day” Tee Shirt Today!

Two styles are available.  Order by clicking the link below that describes you! 

  I am an Educator   Download

  I am an Education Supporter  Download


When everyone – students, teachers, family members, church and social groups, business people and community supporters -- all wear the same tee-shirt on the same day, what a strong message we send!  We all become educational change agents and a member of the team actively engaged in their students’ successful educational journey.

Tee shirts MUST BE ORDERED BY MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015 to arrive before
“Educators Unite Day.”

Together, the Delta Research and Educational Foundation, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and their joint project, The Delta Teacher Efficacy Campaign (DTEC) believe a way for everyone in your community to be involved, is to wear the signature, bright, eye-catching yellow tee shirt on May 6th! 

When you purchase your tee shirt, you are supporting the Delta Teacher Efficacy Campaign (DTEC) whose purpose it is enhance teacher effectiveness that promotes learning and achievement among at-risk students.  The campaign goal is to increase graduation rates.   For more about Educators Unite Day and how you can become a Change Agent click here

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