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DTEC -TAG Announces Partners and Participants

The DTEC-TAG (Teacher Advocating to lead Great change) program announced their partnership with the Education Trust, Leadership Conference and Black Educators Rock, Inc. We are ecstatic to collaborate with these organizations in the coming years as we help sculpt our TAG Participants and their Education Advocacy projects in their respective districts. The work and dedication from these willing organizations are exactly what the DTEC-TAG Team needs to enhance the effectiveness of our program.

Download DTEC-TAG Flyer 


On December 29th, 2017 DTEC-TAG launched with an introduction of their 35 TAG Participants and 8 TAG Supporters. Our TAG Participants are from the following states/regions: DC-MD-VA (DMV), Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and newly added North Carolina. DTEC-TAG will begin its advocacy training with hosted webinars and in-person institutions in 2018 and will persist until September 2019. Be sure to check us out on our DTEC-TAG Facebook Page, Instagram @DTEC_Change_Agent and Twitter @DTECChangeAgent as we will be providing weekly updates on our program!

TAG Participants are listed below by region.               Download  TAG TEAM SPOTLIGHT 


Therion Baker
Keisha L. Chandler
Veronica Menefee
Danielle Miles
Joe Ann Oatis
Krystal Phauls
Alesha Russey
Dr. Kandis Boyd Wyatt


Kantrell Gibson-Brown
Dr. Char-Shenda Covington
Shonda Morgan
Eula Lewis- Spivey
Robin Marshall-Watson
Judith A. Williams


Dr. Constance  Goodman

Dr. Mary Little

Dr. Suzanne D. Martin

Deidra Johnson

Dr. Martha S. Lue Stewart

Harvey Stribling


Pamela Criswell

Merisha D. Leak

Rennice Sherard

Tia Gilliam-Wilson


Simone Gray
Jolinea Pegues
Jodie Jones


Raechel Broussard
Brenda Jacks
Cherissa Jordan
Levatta Levels
Dr. Jennifer McMillen
EuRhonda Morgan
Keisha Wylie 

TAG Supporters 
Latosha Guy

Dr. Renata Hedrington-Jones
Dr. Debra Ramos
Dr. Teresea Myers
Tamira Howard
Daria Neal
Carla Jones


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