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Latest PHILLIS Journal Revisits the African American Woman and Poverty

In the 2019-20 edition of PHILLIS: The Journal for Research on African American Women, DREF revisits the theme- “The African American Woman and Poverty: The Intersectionality of Economics, Education, and Health.” More than a decade ago, DREF initially addressed the topic: “The Impact of Poverty and Race on African American Women” in its scholarly publication.

DREF President Carolyn E. Lewis stated: “We realize that achieving equality as well as eradicating poverty is, indeed, an ongoing work in progress.  We considered it was now time to re-examine how African American women are doing and address critical matters that were influencing our lives.” The recent Journal takes a look at current issues in education, health, and financial literacy that impact African American women’s quality of life. 

This edition of the PHILLIS Journal is comprised of seven scholarly essays and eight personal narratives that range in topics from mental health, gun violence trauma,  adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), entrepreneurship, self-care, and other topics. Dr. Martha Lue Stewart, professor of Urban, Multicultural, and Exceptional Education at the University of Central Florida, and member of the DREF Sister Scholars Advisory Council, served as the guest editor of the 2019-20 edition of PHILLIS.

Copies are offered for a tax-deductible donation of $50.00 and will be mailed directly to you. 

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