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Help Stop Community Spread. Join the DREF Clean Hands Campaign TODAY!

The Delta Research and Educational Foundation (DREF) is Standing Firm for Clean Hands. We are asking YOU to join us. The COVID-19 pandemic inspired the launch of the DREF Clean Hands Campaign. Our goal is to help African American women, their families, and the most vulnerable people in our communities to stay safe and protected.
DREF Clean Hands flyer ( please share) - Click Here

How Does the Clean Hands Campaign Work?


When you donate, you can distribute convenient hand sanitizers to people in need and help to stop the spread of this deadly virus.


You may make the decision to keep the hand sanitizers and donate them yourself or, you can designate to send packets of sanitizers to others in need. Women's and homeless shelters; daycare centers; schools, employers of essential workers, as examples, are all trying to stretch already reduced budgets to serve more people in their care. We're sure that your DREF Clean Hands donation will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.


Please Make Your Donation Selection.


DREF Clean Hands sanitizers are packaged in bundles of 25 and carry the DREF logo. All gifted packs of hand sanitizers will include your name as the donor.


For the following donation, you or your designated recipient(s) will receive:


...and for a donation of $1000.00 you can donate as many as 200 hand sanitizers!


         To donate, visit: 


Always know that DREF is working to support and protect African American women, not only during this pandemic, but also throughout the year. Your donation also provides support to DREF as we continue the charitable and educational programs that uplift  our communities, nationally and globally.


DREF Thanks You for Caring!!


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