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There is still time to choose DREF in the 2023 CFC Campaign.

DREF Board of Directors encourages you to renew or participate the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), which enables them to donate to the 501 (c)(3) charity of their choice via automatic payroll deduction. Join the long standing tradition of philanthropy while supporting research, education, and advocacy uplifting African American women and their families. The CFC season is currently open and will continue through mid-January.

Make DREF your choice. All you need is the desire to give. Giving to DREF via automatic payroll deduction is effortless and the funds are not missed because it is automatically done each pay period. Several state employment systems also offer automatic payroll deduction for charitable donations. The DREF CFC Number is 11213.

In addition, you can contribute to DREF with ease and consistency using Workplace Giving! 

In the private sector, employees can utilize Workplace Giving by simply making a call, visit, or sending an email to their Human Resources Department requesting to enroll in automatic charitable giving. If DREF is not on the company’s list, you can request that it be added. 

Contact us at  if you need more information about Workplace Giving. In some instances, employees can receive charitable donations on their behalf based on their volunteer hours. Many companies also offer Matching Gift opportunities, doubling or tripling the donation made by the employee to their selected non-profit…consider DREF to receive Workplace Giving benefits from your company.

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