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Workplace Giving and Campaigns

Workplace Giving allows a company and its employees to work together to benefit their community.

Each year, federal government workers, state government employees and the private sector workforce find it convenient to give through their workplace.

Check with your employer to find out how you can designate Delta Research and Educational Foundation to receive additional donations through workplace giving.

  • Federal employees: Select Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) #11213

  • State, county, and municipal employees: Check your campaign materials to find Delta Research and Educational Foundation’s assigned number

  • United Way participants: Write in “Delta Research and Educational Foundation”

  • Corporate employees: Designate “Delta Research and Educational Foundation” as your charity of choice, and ask your employer to match your gift.

Once you have set up your donation with your employer, the next step is to complete our Workplace Giving Form. Completing this step provides our office with the most accurate contact information to thank our donors and ensure each gift is properly allocated.

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