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2009 - 2010 Grantee Partners

Economic Development

Marietta-Roswell Alumnae Chapter - Marietta, GA
Amount: $1,000.00

Economic Empowerment Summit presented by Marietta-Roswell Alumnae Chapter to educate small business owners on how to successfully apply for grants, contracts, and loans from the government. The Chapter provided sponsorship to disadvantaged African American women business owners to enable their attendance at workshops. 

Epsilon Phi Chapter - Philadelphia, PA
Amount: $1,000.00

Presentation of Black Wall Street program, which offers insight on the historical significance of Black wealth accumulation in Tulsa, OK; Richmond, VA; and Durham, NC. The Chapter also provides technical assistance, resources, and patronage to minority owned businesses.  

Phoenix Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter  - Phoenix, AZ
Amount: $1,000.00

“Fostering the Future,” a program that teaches independent living skills to young women of color who have been released from the foster care system.  In the state of Arizona, foster care youth qualify for independent living status at the age of 17; program focuses on preparing young women to sustain themselves addressing educational, economic, and emotional needs.  

Making It To The Finish Line  - Detroit, MI
Amount: $1,000.00

“A New You: Employment Readiness,” a public service program that provides eight (8) weeks of educational and employment training for African American women in the metropolitan Detroit area.  The program equips women to become more marketable in the workforce and help them move towards economic self-sufficiency. The employment readiness program focuses on job searching, computer skills, and resume writing, and interviewing skills. 

LACE: LaMarque Alumnae Charitable and Educational Foundation - LaMarque, TX 
Amount: $1,000.00

“My Future! Reality Store, a financial literacy project for girls between the ages of 14 and 19 years old.  The “My Future! Reality Store” initiative teaches girls the basic skills in financial planning, goal setting, decision-making and career planning.  The project also encouraged the girls to pursue careers in the Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math (STEM) fields.

Lawndale Christian Health Center - Chicago, IL
Amount: $1,000.00

A six-week summer internship for 16-18 year old community residents.  The program gives participates an opportunity to gain job and life skills, provide community service to their neighborhood, express their faith, and gain a college student mentor.


Educational Development

In the area of Educational Development, grants were awarded to eleven (11) Delta Chapters and four (4) local non-profit organizations.  

St. Louis Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter  - St. Louis, MO
Amount: $1,000.00

The Delta Academy/Delta GEMS program provides mentoring services to girls age 5 to 17 years.  The year-long program focuses on building self-esteem; achieving excellence in education with a focus on math, science and the arts; and exposing the girls to cultural events.  The program also incorporates the Nguzo Saba (Seven Principles of Kwanzaa) to develop character and instill cultural pride. 

North Jersey Alumnae Chapter - Newark, NJ
Amount: $500.00

Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy and Delta GEMS program offers mentoring to girls in the Hudson County/Jersey City, NJ communities.  The Chapter has designed a major component of the program to teach public speaking to the girls.  The program also offers monthly workshops and activities designed to enhance self-esteem, cognitive and social skills, and math and science abilities. 

Contra Costa Alumnae Chapter  - El Sobrante, CA 
Amount: $1,000.00

The Delta Academy: African American History—A Young Girl’s Perspective.”   The Chapter invited four additional chapters in their local area to also have their Delta Academy participants attend this workshop which focused on the treatment of African American young girls throughout historical times.  Some of the workshop topics include the Willie Lynch slave papers and exhibit, the Middle Passage, Timeless Images (portrayal of women from the 1920s to present), and Self-Esteem for Girls Who Love Hip Hop.

Quaker City Alumnae Chapter - Philadelphia, PA
Amount: $1,000.00

The Dr. Jeanne L. Noble Delta GEMS (Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully) Institute for African American adolescent girls aged 14-18 offers program activities in the areas of workshops/training, supplies, transportation, and a Father (Surrogate)/Daughter activity. 

Inglewood Alumnae Chapter  - Los Angeles, CA 
Amount: $1,000.00

Implementation of EMBODI, a current signature program of the Sorority, which stands for Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence.  Specifically, the Chapter is providing a male focused intervention program for middle and high school aged youth that addresses self-esteem, social responsibility, drug and alcohol prevention, high school graduation, college matriculation, and leadership skills. The chapter offers monthly programs in collaboration with other agencies to address these topics.

Seattle Alumnae Chapter  - Seattle, WA
Amount: $1,000.00

The Seattle Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. in collaboration with Walker Chapel AME Church presented a workshop entitled “Healthy Mothers, Healthy Daughters, Healthy Future Generations!” for the girls participating in the Chapter’s Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy and their mothers.  The five-hour workshop covered the following topics: the nutritional values of foods, how to prepare one traditional African American meal using healthy ingredients, and the value of mother/daughter time during meal preparation. 

Charlottesville (VA) Alumnae Chapter  - Charlottesville, VA
Amount: $750.00

EMBODI conference (Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence) will be presented to develop a community-wide, comprehensive plan to address the needs of young African American males in the areas of academic achievement, self-esteem building, healthy living, and responsible citizenship.

Atlanta Suburban Alumnae Chapter - Atlanta, GA
Amount: $1,000.00 

A College and African American Enrichment Tour was presented to offer participants in the Chapter’s Delta GEMS and EMBODI programs an opportunity to visit several colleges and cultural institutions located in the southern states.  Overall program objective is to enhance participant’s understanding of their heritage and encourage enrollment in college. 

Tallahassee Alumnae Chapter - Tallahassee, FL
Amount: $500.00

Science and Everyday Experiences (SEE) project presented for school age minority girls.  The Chapter’s SEE project was designed to increase the girls pass rate on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test by engaging the participants in hands-on scientific experiments. 

Forrest City Area Alumnae Chapter - Forrest City, AR 
Amount: $750.00

Enhancement of college preparation and career exploration workshop and to support college tour for Delta GEMS participants           

Houston Alumnae Chapter - Houston, TX
Amount: $1,000.00

Support to expand program activities of Delta GEMS and Delta Academy; focus on enhancing leadership and social skills, and increasing self-esteem. 

Esquire Leadership and Mentor Program - Ann Arbor, MI
Amount: $1,000.00

Support to mentoring program for young African American males, focusing on academics, social skills, personal development, college preparation, and service learning. 

Girls, Incorporated of Greater Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
Amount: $1,000.00

Support of two programs:  1) “Preparing Tomorrow’s Worker’s Initiative,” which readies girls for their scholastic and professional futures; and 2) “Good Choices/Life Skills Initiative,” which gives girls the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to make positive choices for future success. 

North Dallas Suburban Foundation for Life Development & Community Involvement - Plano, TX
Amount: $750.00

Delta Academy and Delta GEMS programs, focusing on offering enriching opportunities: field trips, lectures, reading assignments, mentoring, physical exercise, nutrition and health, and financial literacy. 

One Delta Plaza Educational Center - Houston, TX
Amount: $1,000.00

The College Prep and Delta Institute program offered to more than 160 young ladies and their families.  The program is designed to enhance leadership skills and educational fortitude of the students.


International Awareness and Involvement

In the area of International Awareness and Involvement, grants were awarded to the Grand Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and one (1) non-profit organization. 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority  - Grand Chapter
Amount: $5,000.00

Support to the National Program Planning and Development Committee for the Sorority’s mission trip to South Africa and Swaziland (November 28-December 10, 2009).  Delta members provided public service in the areas of Educational Development, and Physical and Mental Health as they assessed current DST projects, such as The Delta House, The Adelaide Tambo School for the Physically Challenged, and The TREE Project.   The DST delegation also established the Delta International Academy, which models global citizenship and international service, and conducted interviews with South African women for publication in The Delta Foundation’s scholarly journal. 

My Sister’s Keeper - Boston, MA
Amount: $1,000.00 

Support to Sisterhood for Peace National Diaspora Network Weaver Training, a networking conference held for 30 African American women leaders in the Boston area and 30 Sudanese women living throughout America.


Physical and Mental Health

In the area of Physical and Mental Health, program grants were awarded to three (3) Delta chapters and one (1) non-profit organization

Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Maryland Chapter - Timonium, MD
Amount: $1,000.00

Support of The Phythias A. Jones and Virginia I. Jones African American Community Forum on Memory Loss, a conference for African American family caregivers of loved ones with dementia.  The forum is designed to inform African American families about memory loss, community services and research development.  

Metropolitan Dallas Alumnae Chapter  - Dallas, TX
Amount: $1,000.00

Support for women’s health forum which features African American health professionals discussing chronic illnesses affecting African American women and their families; major emphasis given to eradicating the stigma associated with mental health issues. 

Knightdale-Wake Forest Alumnae Chapter - Knightdale, NC
Amount: $1,000.00

Support of an HIV/AIDS prevention program entitled “Got Mine, Get Yours, Get Tested.”  The prevention campaign involves providing a mobile HIV testing facility to residents in rural areas of Eastern Wake County in North Carolina.  Community residents are provided free HIV/AIDS testing and results received within 20 minutes. One-on-one health counseling is also offered advising persons on how to prevent the disease, and confidential counseling is offered on how to manage the disease if person tested positive.  

Orangeburg (SC) Alumnae Chapter - Orangeburg, SC
Amount: $1,000.00

Childhood Obesity Project addresses achieving weight loss and adopting healthy lifestyle for obese children in Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties in South Carolina. Major program emphasis centers around health and nutrition education for children and their parents, particularly for families in rural communities where they are inundated with convenience stores versus full-service supermarkets. 


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