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Charitable Engagement Documents

List of forms and documents referenced in the Charitable Engagement Manual (CEM). In addition, workshop presentations highlighting DREF programs and services.

DREF Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Donation Giving Instructions

Starting June 2020, U.S. mail service has resumed with all mail directed to a remote location.  Due to the increased delays in mail delivery, we encourage chapters to use our online options if possible. 

DREF does have the option for chapters to submit their donations through an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through our website.  To do so, please use the following instructions.  Note: A $.75 per check fee will be applied for each transaction.


Charitable Engagement Manual

The Charitable Engagement Manual 2014-2015 is designed to help Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., its chapters and regions and community organizations secure funding that supports charitable and educational programming.


Donation or Pledge Form 

Form used by individuals or Delta chapters/regions when making a contribution to The Delta Foundation; this form is specifically used by Delta when establishing Donor Restricted Fund.


Establishing a Donor Restricted Fund or Scholarship Form 

Form used to establish a Donor Restricted Fund or Scholarship Fund at The Delta Foundation.


Fund Change Request Form 

Form used to change information related to a Donor Restricted Fund or Scholarship Form, e.g. name of fund, name of Authorized Representatives, contact information, etc.


Fundraising Event Application and Agreement 

Form used by Delta to notify The Delta Foundation of an upcoming fundraising event.


Grant Report Form 

Form used to report output/outcome of funds, grants, scholarships awarded by The Delta Foundation to Delta; formerly identified as Final Grant Reporting Form.


Grant Scholarship Agreement 

Form used to document terms of agreement for grant and scholarship awards made by The Delta Foundation.


Guidelines for Offering Housing Assistance 

Form used to direct chapters on important elements of a charitable and educational housing assistance program.


Individual or Chapter Grant Request Form 

Form used by Delta to request funds for charitable and educational programming.


Individual or Delta Scholarship Request Form 

Form used to request funds for scholarship funds.


Remittance Form 

Form used by Delta to remit group contributions (donations from special events and other fundraising activities) to their Donor Restricted/Scholarship Fund at The Delta Foundation.


Workplace Giving Form 

Form used by donor to inform The Delta Foundation that a matching gift, monthly donation, and/or general donation will be made on their behalf.


Service Provider Agreement 

Form use to document terms of agreement for service contracts made by The Delta Foundation.




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