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FAQs: Using the Services of DREF

Show or Hide answer How do I update my chapter’s file with DREF, letting you know that our officers (Chapter President and Treasurer) have changed?

Please complete Fund Change Request Form, which is available on DREF website (

Show or Hide answer Are Delta chapters required to pay a fee to use the services of DREF?

There is no administrative fee at this time. However, returned check fees are deducted.

Show or Hide answer Can chapters use DREF for its charitable and educational program event fundraising activities?

Yes, Delta chapters are encouraged to establish a Donor Restricted Fund for their charitable and educational special event fundraisers that will benefit charitable and educational entities in your local community.

Show or Hide answer Will donors supporting Delta chapter charitable and educational fundraising efforts receive an acknowledgement letter from DREF?

Yes, a letter of acknowledgement and appreciation will be sent to each contributor to the extent their donation is tax deductible.

Show or Hide answer Can DREF’s Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) be used by our chapter when contracting venue space for our fundraising effort?

No, that is not the purpose of a Federal Employer Identification Number and there are other liability issues concerning this matter. Additionally, The Delta Foundation’s FEIN cannot be used to defray sales tax.

Show or Hide answer If DREF does not charge an administrative fee to chapters, how does it have money to operate?

DREF operates on unrestricted contributions from individual supporters, Delta chapters, the Sorority and public and private sector entities. We strongly encourage chapters that use our services to make unrestricted donations to DREF, as well as donations to their restricted funds.

Show or Hide answer How can my chapter receive a grant from DREF?

You may apply for a grant from your chapter’s Donor Restricted Fund by completing the Individual or Delta Grant Request Form.

Show or Hide answer How many Delta chapters use the services of DREF?

More than 186 chapters are currently using the services of DREF.

Show or Hide answer What scholarships or educational development opportunities are available at DREF?

Current and open opportunities will be posted on DREF’s website (

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