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Greetings from the DREF President

Update from Carolyn E. Lewis, DREF President

:DREF President

Dear Supporters,

Your help is needed today, more than ever. 


African American women and their families, surviving the recent devastation caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma represent unfathomable loss and thousands of uncertain futures.


We know that you have already given, and we appreciate your generosity. The need is great and the losses resulting from the massive destruction caused by Irma are propelling us to ask again for your help.


Many families are left homeless or displaced. Jobs are lost. Medical attention inaccessible and serious health care needs unmet. Lives are in shambles with countless numbers of women and their families left with only the clothes on their backs, shoes on their feet and emergency shelters for safety and food. 


This is life after the storm. This is life that also must go on.  These are lives that you can help restore.


The Delta Disaster Relief Fund, now nearly depleted in response to the urgent needs of Hurricane Harvey survivors must be replenished to assist individuals and families suffering through the unthinkable ruin and life disruption caused by Hurricane Irma. Locations may be different, but life-saving help, delivered rapidly makes the difference.   


Please consider a financial donation of any amount.  As we sit in the comfort of our homes and workplaces, understand that there are women and their families unable to care for themselves or their families as they normally would. 


The Delta Disaster Relief Fund is putting out a call of compassion to everyone able to restore hope and wellbeing to survivors of these debilitating hurricanes and devastating wind and rain.  Life must begin again, and together, we can be part of making meaningful, life-changing differences.


To donate, CLICK HERE .Your generosity, signals hope as well as help.


Thank you from all of us for your care and your readiness to help women and their families move away from storm-induced wreckage to hope-filled lives.




Carolyn E. Lewis


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